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Hair Loss Therapy

Basic - 2 months therapy

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The therapy encompasses several stages, and the specific course and products utilized will be determined based on the issue, individual indications, and after contraindications have been ruled out. The stages of hair loss therapy are as follows: * Comprehensive examination to diagnose the problem accurately and commence treatment tailored to the individual. * Analysis of the scalp, capturing microscope images, and discussing the action plan. * Careful evaluation to exclude any possible contraindications for each treatment. * The treatment itself comprises the following procedures performed at appropriate intervals: * Application of carefully selected trichocosmetics from the Mediceuticals® line. * D'arsonval currents. * Scalp microneedle mesotherapy incorporating a carefully chosen ampoule. * PDT Led Therapy, which involves light therapy. * Writing of an individualized care plan to continue therapy at home. Therpay Plan: 1st meeting: Interview + Trichoscope + development of an individual care plan to continue therapy at home. Applying the appropriate Mediceuticals treatment 2nd appointment: max 2 weeks later: Scalp Dermapen + PDT therapy 3rd appointment: 2-3 weeks later: Biostimulation + Darsonval 4th appointment: one week later: Scalp Dermapen + PDT therapy 5th appointment: 2-3 weeks later: Biostimulation + Darsonval + Trichoscope and summary of treatment results and tips for future treatments and care at home. Cost 265€ (home care kit matched to the condition of the scalp and hair: from 70-120€)

  • 1 godz
  • 265 euro
  • Piusstraat 72

Dane kontaktowe

  • Piusstraat 72, Tilburg, Netherlands

    0031 655 720 638

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